Experience Engineering
human (HXE) & sensorial (SXD)

Be inspired by sensory environment. Allow the true meaning to become alive.

Helping people deliver beautiful and sensorial experiences in the human journey at every moment, every step and every touch point.
User Experience Design

I delivered multiple UXD prototypes during my stints at CBS Interactive (where I worked on web UX), Permeative (where I worked on mobile UX) and at IMSS (where I worked on concepts for IISc, NIC, TATASky, ESSAR, Singapore LNG and many other internal platforms, apps and products). Familiar with Material Design standards. Also worked on marketing content design, template design, newsletters, tradeshow collaterals, site experiences, brand standardization and more. Better design fixes almost everything. Just Almost. Reach me if you like to talk something on this.

Architecture & Interior Design

I am a big fan of Nordic & Norwegian architecture with minimalist influence. I like focus on highlighting materials and their natural textures, local construction techniques, sleek aesthetics yet very distinct from brutalism. I believe the aesthetic should be with lesser mood-changing elements - the mood should be captured in the imagination and not so heavily dictated by what is physically present. I like projects that move architecture from paying lot of attention on the artifact to a greater emphasis of the opportunity represented when people use the space. Worked on a couple of projects involving interiors, office space, stall & kiosk design. If you want to discuss more on any ideas, feel free to contact me.

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Product Design & Development

Worked on design phase for multiple products - most notable works include - a unified platform layer which brings multiple siloed products together and serve targeted content (Permeative), an IoT based fleet management system and product vision for an integrated platform for a conglomerate of companies. Reach me if you like to talk something on this.

Gastronomy & Food

No matter what country, culture or culinary preference you are from - if you love food - I love you (the food lover in you). My cooking basics are mostly from SubWay, Quizinos, a couple of Indian restaurants in Detroit and some grill experience from my catering days. I, of course, refined them a bit at home. I love local food and authentic ingredients and contradictorily I am a proponent of GM foods.

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I am intrigued by Sensorial Experience Design (SXD) and I believe its mostly instinctual. We all feel in a particular way to different situations or parameters of a product or an experience and I am learning to define and quantify those aspects in a systematic manner.

I urge you to think of Sensory Experiences whenever you are creating something.

Digital Marketing.
Don't fall for the buzzword porn. Be real and think what's best for your business.

I will not give you a silver bullet or a golden goose to cure your digital woes. I want to simplify and learn with you along the way of your Digital Marketing journey.
Social Media, Ads, Community Management

Increased social traffic to websites, helped companies to join the conversation, build rapport with communities, create & share content that is valuable to commmunity including blogs, updates and articles. I started and currently running a half-million+ strong design community, one of my blogs has over 45,000+ followers and my Google+ profile has 3,500+ followers with 7 million+ views.

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Event Design & Management

I like entertaining people, pampering them with food, fun and learning. Fortunately, this helps me with the event design and management as well. I informally started with catering services, did a bit of decor services before doing fullfledged music shows, family and personal events. In the last few years, I regularly worked on corporate events with critical acclaim from participants and my employer. I managed end-to-end event including venue choice, theme design, entertainment, menu design, hospitality, transport, destination events and everything in-between.

Campaign Design & Management

I helped teams to start, establish and run marketing automation with Email campaigns, Social Media campaigns and Ad Campaigns around a particular theme, service or an event. This includes starting with customer journey until monitoring and reporting. Keep customers engaged in every touchpoint and every step of their journey.

Web & Mobile Apps, User Reach

Apart from the user experience (UX) part, I also worked on web and mobile apps development including content management systems (CMS) like WordPress & Joomla, full stack development on LAMP, web frameworks like Bootstrap, MDL among others, mobile app platforms like Firebase among others, API integration and Cloud deployments on Google Cloud, Azure, AWS & Rackspace. Also helped companies with content creation & video content, streamlined processes and frameworks for quickly spinnning off apps as needed and performance review.

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Worked with companies including CBS Interactive, Permeative, IMSS and more ...

Diverse expertise in digital marketing, content design, business development, experience design and product development.
Formed independent teams, bootstrapped projects and able to provide & execute big ideas that are streamlined and scalable in the long run.

Professional Education & Learning
I love learning. And I learn quickly. Or so I was told. And my pursuits at that are not limited to career focus.

I do believe in the additional advantages one may receive with formal education, apart from the continuous learning. So, I listed my attempts at that here.
Specialization in Construction Management

MOOC from Columbia University, New York -- Construction Project Management, Construction Scheduling, Cost Estimation and Cost Control, Construction Finance.

Specialization in Corporate Entrepreneurship

MOOC from University of Maryland, College Park -- Developing the opportunity, Building business models, Crafting strategies for innovation initiatives, Financing and profiting from innovation.

Specialization in International Business

Masters from International Technological University, San Jose -- Human Resource Management, High Technology Entrepreneurship, Business Telecommunications and Marketing Management

Pursued Masters in Mechanical Engineering

Pursued Masters from Wayne State University, Detroit, Michigan -- Mechanical Engineering

Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering

from Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Hyderabad -- Engineering Graphics, Machine Drawing, Thermodynamics, Design of Machine Members, CAD/CAM/3D Modeling and Thermal Engineering